Wilted Brussels Sprouts and Applewood Smoked Bacon Pizza

It doesn’t get much better than the satisfaction of making and enjoying your very own homemade pizza. It takes a little time and some pre-planning, but the results are worth it. The directions look long, but don’t be overwhelmed. The crust seriously comes together in a few minutes and then sits in the refrigerator until you’re ready. It is a very friendly and happy dough.

I saw this topping combination over at Shutterbean and it has since become a favorite. I up the ante and use the bacon drippings with balsamic vinegar to wilt the shredded brussels sprouts resulting in a very flavorful “salad” on top of the pizza.

 I also make two pizzas at the same time and use the Love and Olive Oil method for freezing the second pizza. This way you have a homemade frozen pizza at your fingertips whenever you just need pizza. We all have pizza emergencies, right?

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  1. Yay and yum! Pizza emergency, seriously. I am kind of sad that we’re nearing the end of brussels sprouts season, crazy though that may sound.

    • Kimberley – I have always had love for brussels sprouts, but I think this pizza could convert the haters. At least we have beautiful spring and summer produce to look forward to!

  2. We make a pie similar to this at home quite often. One of our favorites! Sometimes switching up bacon for prosciutto, sometimes using goat cheese or blue cheese or doing a simple olive oil-garlic rub on the crust with shaved pecorino on the top. Lots of black pepper is mandatory.



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