Seasonal Snapshots // Winter 2011/2012

I’ve been delaying my seasonal winter post because we didn’t have any snow to speak of until recently. This is Michigan, friends, and I feel you can’t capture winter without a little snow. Without further ado, here’s my winter instagram/iPhone shots!

Check out Summer 2011 and Fall 2011, if you like!

Sale on tights!

I like that Marc likes to make fires.

I found the best chocolate milk.

Took a few walks with my Dad.

I dragged my family out for shaved ice in the winter. Not my best plan. Brrr.

Dinner prep for a visit from the in-laws.

New boots for winter.

One night without power.

Had the best time at an old theatre.

Stollen tradition.

Went to the movies with Dad and Marc.

Two friends had baby girls!

Perfect popcorn bowls from Fab.

A snowy drive home from West Michigan.

One of many soup dinners.

Green tea mochi is dreamy.

A pretty place for eggs.

Ducks at the park. Can you spot the white one?

I love bundled up winter walks.

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  1. Among other things, thanks for buying new boots for Winter. I finally figured out why we haven’t had much snow!

  2. I love those tights! I totally need some blue ones like that. And that in-law dinner looks amazing. I want that bread! I really need winter boots… I say it every year along with needing a winter coat that’s actually warm. One day I’ll learn!

  3. A few things:

    -I think I just ordered the same boots, or ones that are very similar! (LL Bean)

    -Our eggs have the same home

    -What kind of chocolate milk is that? I LOVE CHOCOLATE MILK!


    • Emily – You must see if you can find Calder Dairy chocolate milk! It is insanely delicious and the good kind that coats the glass as if it were paint. Every time I buy it at WF’s the cashier gives the “you’re in the know” look. They drink it like addicts on their breaks – true story. Yes, LL Bean boots! I’m loving mine.

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