Food Adventure // Yates Cider Mill

As soon as it’s officially fall (and sometimes earlier), Michigan folks make a mad dash to plan a cider mill outing. This can make for some long lines while you’re slowly tortured with the scent of fresh donuts. I just realized what a lucky girl I am, because Marc and I have always lived near a cider mill. Our first apartment was NEXT DOOR to one. Crazy!

People come from all over Michigan to visit Yates Cider Mill. It’s not very big, but the cider and donuts are phenomenal and the view over the water is pretty special. They opened their doors in 1863 and in 1876 starting using the water from the nearby canal to make water-powered pressed cider with only Michigan apples.

Crowds sometimes bum me out, but I’ve certainly done my time waiting in lines for cider and donuts over the years. Yates happens to be on my way to work, so I stopped by at 8:30 am to pick up treats for the office and brought my camera along. It was so peaceful being 1 of 5 people there and watching the sun peek out over the water. I grabbed a half dozen cinnamon-sugar donuts,  a half gallon of cider and I was on my way to work a few minutes later.

The donuts were still warm and their cake-like center was light as air. The cold cider tasted like biting into a fresh apple. Now I must resist the temptation to stop by every morning.

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  1. Now I don’t ever recall going to an actual cider mill growing up in southeastern WI, but my grandpa did help press cider each year at the nature preserve he volunteered at. And of course, cider is ubiquitous in stores and at stands along the road that time of year there. It’s, as you conveyed, marvelous. No such thing here in NC; nor was it so in TX or FL. Totally depressing. I remember apple-picking during grad school in MN, and having an apple cider cinnamon sugar doughnut while doing so — still warm from the frying. Are yours cider doughnuts as well? Regardless, jealous.



    • Heather – Hey, married lady! I love that your grandpa helped press cider! You know, I am not sure if there is actual cider in the donuts. I will have to ask next time!

  2. When I was little, my folks took me to Yates, oh around 1954. So in 1987 when visiting, I had to introduce my husband to fresh cider and those yummy donuts…Here it is 2011 and he still talks about how good that cider and donuts are so much so, last fall he was plotting whether we could make it up there and back in a three day weekend. Too bad…no way.

    • Josie – It really is the best cider and donuts around. I really should start appreciating that I live so close 🙂 I hope you guys get another taste sometime!

  3. I forgot to mention we are in north Fort Worth, Texas…my guess is that people come from all over the US to visit Yates.

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